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What are the benefits of Swimming?

Swimming is not only a vital skill that everyone should learn but it is an exercise which has multiple benefits. By learning how to swim, you can improve your health greatly by increasing your physical condition. Swimming can lead to improvement in your stamina, the strength of the arms and legs and an increase in your overall flexibility. A common place people swim recreationally is community pools, however having a pool installed in the home can be a good alternative for individuals who are time poor.

Community Pool vs Private Pool

The majority of swimmers tend to swim at community pools that they become members of, however installing a pool in the home can also be a viable option for some people. Here are a list of some of the pros of each option:

Community Pool
- More cost effective
- Gives you access to trainers
- You aren't responsible for cleaning or maintenance
- Generally gives you access to a full sized lap pool

Private Pool
- 24/7 access
- Privacy and exclusive use
- No need to travel to use it
- Can add value to your property

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