Mums and Bubs Information

What is Mums and Bubs Yoga?

If you have been recently pregnant and have just given birth to a nice, healthy baby, you would love to spend time with him or her rather than spending the same time working out. This is why mums and bubs yoga was developed. You can spend your workout duration with your baby while you get back on the fitness track.

The Power of Birth... The Power of Yoga

The birthing process is one of the most amazing things in the world. The beauty and power in the ability to produce new life is majestic and divine. The mind, body, and spirit go through numerous changes during pregnancy and women come out of it stronger and enlightened. They go through a lot of pains and struggles during their pregnancy which is responsible for the intense love and care they have for their baby. However, what pregnancy also gives you is unwanted weight. Most women are unsatisfied with their post pregnancy bodies and the reason remains justified – you do gain a lot of weight which can be very hard to shed.

Meet Other New Parents

Mums and bubs classes are performed usually in groups which gives you the opportunity to meet with other moms who are going through the same things as you. The workout is not just for mums but dads can also participate and support their partners. So, once you are ready to move and work your body after birthing, mums and bubs will offer you numerous benefits.

Get the Post Baby Body You've Been Dreaming Of!

- The fat you gained during your pregnancy can be significantly reduced through mums and bubs.
- It is an interesting and fun way to exercise and get your figure back in shape again.

A New Routine

- Mums and bubs exercises are fun and different from your daily routine.
- So, if staying at home, resting, and just taking care of your child is something you are bored of doing, mums and bubs classes will be a great change.

Bond With Your Baby

- The mums and bubs workout involves both you and your baby.
- This gives you a great opportunity to exercise with your little angel and bond with him or her on a deeper level.

Gain Energy

- Pregnancy leaves you exhausted and tired. It takes time to recover from all the exhaustion.
- After you have regained your health, it is not uncommon to feel lethargic.
- You can change this with mums and bubs and increase your energy levels greatly.

Become Strong

- Pregnancy can leave many women feeling weakened.
- Improve the muscle tone of your body and also the overall fitness of your body with mums and bubs.

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