Kettlebell Information

What is Kettlebell training?

A kettlebell is a very innovative piece of equipment for strength and endurance training. A ball made from cast iron with a handle attached to it, its design is different from dumbbells. The purpose is similar to that of a dumbbell, although kettlebell exercises tend to be faster, have more momentum and involve more repetitions. Because of this, kettlebell training tends to outperform dumbbells in yielding results in stamina and endurance.

Unlike dumbbells, a kettlebell's weight is not distributed evenly all across which makes it necessary for the one using it to stabilise during exercise. Kettlebell training has gained popularity recently and has become a part of many workout routines. There are great reasons as to why it is now becoming such a hot trend to use the kettlebell .

The Benefits of Kettlebell training

The benefits of kettlebell training include:

• It is fun and not boring – some weight exercise routines can be extremely boring and repetitive. Kettlebell training, contrarily, is very interesting and fun to do. The various workouts can be performed anywhere since the only equipment you need is the kettlebell itself and one can come up with innovative techniques and infinite combinations. You don't need to be locked up in a gym if you want to do kettlebell training.

• It is safe to use – kettlebells are very safe to use and most workouts surrounding them are safe to practice.

• It effectively combines strength, cardio, and flexibility – kettlebell training can be really intense and a very effective combination of strength training, serious cardio, and the necessary flexibility training.

• It saves money – a kettlebell comes cheap and can be stored anywhere you like. You can perform a variety of workouts with a single kettlebell and do not require any personal trainer or gym membership for the same.

• It is easy – kettlebell training is easy and very simple to learn. You do not need to be trained for hours regularly to learn how to use a kettlebell.

• It enhances mobility – because of the off centered, not so balanced weight of the kettlebell, the workout also enhance the body's mobility and helps you build much more flexible muscles. It strengthens the joints and makes them more stable as well which adds to their flexibility.

• It helps build core strength – almost every lift of the kettlebell involves the core of your body which causes it to strengthen through regular practice. Kettlebell training strengthens the back and abs and tones the core muscles thoroughly.

• It has mental benefits – kettlebell training builds your mental focus since you have to remain concentrated on the training. It builds coordination as you have to balance the weight of the kettlebell as it forces your mind and body to work as a single unit. The result of kettlebell training is improved concentration and coordination.

Kettlebell training is interesting, fun, and very beneficial for your body. Kettlebells are available cheaply and do not require you to hire a personal trainer or go to the gym because of the relatively simpler learning curve.

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