GRIT Strength Information

What is GRIT Strength?

Strength building is something that everyone who works out aims for. Stronger, more stable muscles are a very desired aspect of the body and for many of us, the main aim of the workout routine we follow. However, such exercise routines can take really long time everyday which all of us cannot afford to spend. This is why the high intensity interval training program, GRIT, is one of the most popular programs by Les Mills.
Les Mills is known for its high intensity interval training programs which are performed to upbeat and energetic music. GRIT takes the same approach and combines intense strength training with energetic music and coaches who inspire you through and through in a powerful 30 minute session. Yes, that's it – in just 30 minutes, you can achieve the body of your dreams.

An Effective, Yet Short Workout? Can it be?

The high intensity interval training aims at improving your strength and increasing the lean muscle mass in a matter of just 30 minutes. The workout makes use of barbell exercises, weight plate, and body weight exercises to achieve some stupendous results. The scientifically proven program uses the benefits of high intensity interval training which results in the body fat burning away hours after you are done working out. The workout also enables your body to build lean muscle as it consumes the energy from your fat cells to perform the workout.

What are the Benefits?

• Increase in strength – the increase in strength is one of the most noticeable and important results of GRIT strength workout. You will notice how easy it is for your muscles to do certain things which took a lot more effort previously.
• Builds lean mass – the lean muscle of your body contributes to the overall strength and appearance. GRIT strength helps build lean muscle which means you will have a great body as you continue with the workout.
• Enhances your metabolism – metabolism is important for burning fat and building muscle. GRIT strength improves and boosts your metabolism so you keep burning body fat hours after you have worked out in a Les Mills club.
• Very time efficient workout routine – by spending just 30 minutes twice a week, you can create some wonderful results for yourself. This is the most efficient way to build muscle and get rid of fat and it is pretty effective.

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