F45 Training Information

What is F45?

F45 is a new workout system which stands for "Functional 45" and was developed to simultaneously build up your strength and stamina. Its primary philosophies are dynamism, variety, and practicality. Every session is custom made to challenge you in new and varied ways with no two workouts being the same. Additionally, each workout has been rigorously trialed by the F45 team to ensure effectiveness.

What makes it stand out?

The scientifically proven intensity and variation of F45 ensures that you are consistently challenged throughout every session. Even though every set of exercises is different, it is made up of a number of specific exercises that are very carefully researched and documented by the F45 team. Technology is another part of what makes F45 so innovative. With every single exercise documented and visible on the workout demonstration displays, you are guaranteed to have the information you need to do each workout in the properly and without injury.

Aside from the intensity and variability of the workout, F45 offers other benefits. Their sessions are very much an experience centred around the individual. The philosophy is to ensure that everyone receives personalised treatment and reaches their fitness goals via their own path. Their aim is to provide not just a gym, but a well-rounded experience. This combination of factors goes a long way to explain why it's considered such a fast growing fitness phenomenon.

Further Information