Boxing Information

What is Boxing?

Boxing is the art of punches. The brushes are the gloves, the canvas is the human face.

It is a popular combat sport which is played by two opponents who throw punches at each other with gloved hands. The game continues until either one of the players is knocked out or the timed rounds have been completed. The gloves worn by the players are specially designed for the sport. They are cushioned to reduce the impact of punches and to reduce cuts which can be caused by bare knuckles.

History of Boxing

Although the application of fist to face has existed for millennia, it has been formalised in the last hundred years.

There are numerous boxing leagues and championships held throughout the world. The world champions are decided by the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation, and World Boxing Organisation. World Boxing Association is the oldest governing body for boxing and was founded in the year of 1921 as the National Boxing Association, the national boxing governing body in USA. In 1962, it became an international body. The World Boxing Council was founded in 1963 to establish an international regulating body for the sport of boxing. It has, since its establishment, introduced many regulations and safety measures to minimize injuries in the game and maintain a safety criteria. The International Boxing Federation was founded in the year 1976 as the United States Boxing Association and became an international body in year 1984.

According to the events held by each body, a champion is chosen in heavyweight, cruiserweight, light heavyweight, super middleweight, middleweight, super welterweight, welterweight, super lightweight, lightweight, super featherweight, featherweight, super bantamweight, bantamweight, super flyweight, flyweight, and minimumweight categories with the heavyweight category featuring the heaviest boxers (weight: over 90.7 kg) and the minimumweight featuring the lightest boxers (weight: 47.6 kg).

Boxing Technique

There are typically four types of punches in boxing – jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. A left handed boxer is known as southpaw and also performs the same punches but with a different hand. A jab is a quick, straight punch thrown by the lead hand while the rear hand remains near the face to protect the jaw. A cross punch is thrown by the rear hand and travels across a straight line from the chin of the one performing it. A hook is a semi circular punch which is thrown by the lead hand and hits the side of the opponent's head. An uppercut is a rising, vertical punch which is thrown by the rear hand. The rear hand rises towards the chin of the opponent in a rising arc.

Boxing Styles

Throughout the history of boxing, many boxing styles have been witnessed. Different boxers have exhibited varying levels of strategies, tactics, and power. A boxer's fighting style can usually be defined as one of four types:

Swarmer: Close range boxer that overwhelms the opponent with constant pressure.

Out Boxer: Long range boxer who would rather tire down the opponent than knock him out.

Slugger: Also known as boxer brawler, exhibits raw power and prefers knocking out the opponent.

Boxer Puncher: Possesses qualities of all the types.

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