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Body Pump

Everyone is looking for ways to tone their bodies and become lean and attractive in as less time as possible. This leads to them doing things to their bodies which back fire in later stages. Such practices include using weight loss pills, not eating at all, and other harmful and very ineffective strategies. If you want to achieve that toned and lean body which you have only dreamed of till now without spending years working out, here is a way – body pump.

What is it?

Body pump is a workout which involves repetition of lifting light to moderate weights. Also accompanied with music, a 55 minute workout will effectively burn up to 430 calories. The workout was invented by Les Mills, an international company which provides exercise to music classes to its customers, and has created body pump for those who want to become fit and lean in as less time as possible and does not add any bulky muscles to your frame.

A lot of women are afraid to lift weights because they don't want to become too muscular but with body pump, you will not go wrong. The workout is not organised to bulk you up but to give you a nice, athletic physique.

There are many benefits to doing body pump. These include:

• It is a full body workout

◦ Body pump does not target any one specific region of the body but is a whole body workout where each part gets worked on.

• It increases the core strength

◦ Regular body pump sessions leads to increase in the core strength of the body.

◦ You will notice your abs, stomach, and back muscles get much stronger than before.

• It improves bone health

◦ Since body pump involves a lot of repetitive weight training, it helps improve the bone health.

• It is a scientifically proven procedure

◦ There is scientific evidence which supports body pump.

◦ The program is based on a formula known as the rep effect which exhausts muscles through light weights and high intensity repetition.

• It will not bulk you up

◦ The foundation of the procedure, rep effect, will help you build a lean and muscular profile.

◦ Since only light to medium weights are involved in the workout, you will not bulk up but only develop a nice lean and athletic body.

• It is fun!

◦ Body pump is not like other workouts and much more fun.

◦ With the inspirational music playing as you move your body to its beats, you will definitely enjoy working out.

Body pump classes cater to everyone's needs and if you are just starting out, your instructors will advise you to take things lightly. This means that you will lift lighter weights and attend lesser classes – around two times per week. Then you will be advised to increase weights and have a more wholesome workout once you are strong enough.

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