Body Attack Information

What is body attack?

People all across the world are looking for ways to achieve their ideal body through a workout that is not so time consuming. Body Attack is a way to achieve your ideal body without spending too much time. Developed by Les Mills, it is a great way to get fit and works for everyone since it has been designed to cater to the needs of every type of enthusiast. You could be an absolute beginner and still find some interesting moves for your body attack workout routine.

What it entails

Body attack is a very high energy fitness program which has found its inspiration in sports. All sports, as we all know, require a sports person to be strong, flexible, and quick. This is what body attack trains you to be – there will be a lot of strength building, lots of jumping, and many other toning exercises. The aim is to shape your whole body and make it much fitter, stronger, and leaner. You want to look your best and body attack is the path to achieve that aim.
The workout is performed to inspiring music and is great for those who like to move their bodies to some rhythm. You can also suggest your preferred songs and Les Mills staff can decide if they want to play it!

A typical body attack workout session can help you burn as many as 730 calories! That sounds like a training which helps you burn lots and lots of fat. Each session will involve lots of athletic training such as running, jumping, and lunging. These help build stamina, tone muscles, and improve the flexibility of your body. These athletic moves are complemented by strength training such as push ups. These exercises are added to the workout to make your muscles stronger and your entire body much fitter. Each workout session will leave you feeling satisfied with yourself and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Session length

Body attack is available in workout routines which could be either 30 minutes long, 45 minutes long, or 55 minutes long. The sports inspired moves will help you build strength, stamina, and coordination in each session. Typically, for the best results, a 55 minute session is recommended but you can decide which is your preferred time period based on your routine.

Body attack is not defined for a specific set of people but targets all individuals irrespective of their age and gender. The moves taught in body attack sessions are easy to learn and practice. These moves are also low impact and can be easily learned by anyone. So, it does not matter if you have never done anything like body attack before, you can simply get started right away if you want to. Doing a 55 minute body attack class 2 to 3 times every week is the best way to achieve your ideal body in minimum time.

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