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Why is waxing so popular?

Waxing is a very common procedure for temporary hair removal and there is a good reason why it is so popular all around the world. Unlike other temporary solutions to the removal of hair, waxing does not result in your skin growing a stubble after some period of time. It is a common ordeal for many who shave to have spiky hair growing out just after a few hours. Waxing results in the hair being pulled out for a much longer duration and usually leaves the skin smooth. Also, you can expect the hair to come back smooth and not spiky and painful.

Now, let us talk about some commonly known benefits of waxing and why it is such a popular method for hair removal.

• Waxing can be used for all hair types

So your hair is coarse and dark? Or is your hair lighter and smoother? It does not matter because waxing will pull out every single one of your body hair without fail. It doesn't matter whether you have too much growth or too little growth in some areas of the body, waxing will successfully clear any type of hair growth.

• Hair comes back late

One of the biggest benefits of getting a wax is that the hair does not come back for weeks and even months in some cases. This makes it the longest lasting temporary hair removal method available. Most people wait for one month before they go for another session of waxing and enjoy being hairless for at least two weeks!

• Waxing can lead to reduction in hair growth

Continuous use of waxing will lead to the hair coming back lesser and lesser than before. Sometimes, pulling hair out using a waxing strip can destroy the hair follicle which leads to hair growing back much slower. You will also notice that the texture of hair growth becomes lighter and smoother after waxing.

• Waxing can be performed on almost all areas of the body

You can use waxing to remove hair from almost all parts of the body. In fact, full body waxing regimens are quite common for people. You can use waxing to remove hair from your legs, arms, stomach, back, buttocks, breasts, and even genitals. Waxing is also used to remove hair from the upper lips! It is a multi purpose hair removal method with great advantages.

The downside to waxing is that it can be really, very painful. It is not the easiest thing to have your hair pulled out and can result in temporary red rashes on your skin. A potential side effect (and a particularly scary one) is that waxing can result in ingrown hairs. This happens when the hair is getting pulled out and instead of getting pulled out completely, it breaks under the skin which leads to inflammation and the growth of the hair in opposite direction.

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