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The Ancient Art of Threading

Threading is an ancient Indian technique for shaping the eyebrows and it is a very effective one. It is very inexpensive and is much neater than tweezing out your hair. Thread can be used on various other parts of the body and is usually used to remove hair from the region above your lips. To thread your eyebrows, you can either go to a professional stylist or your can run the thread yourself.

There are many benefits to threading your eyebrows. These include:

• Accuracy

You can decide just how much hair you want to remove and the shape you want your arch to be with stunning precision. Threading comes with the waxing ability to remove many hair at once and the advantage of plucking to removing just one hair at a time. You can get the perfect eyebrows with threading.

• Natural

When you choose threading to shape your eyebrows, you choose a method where no chemicals are involved. Only a thread is used to remove the hair which means there will be no kind of irritation.

• Affordable

Since threading only involves the use of a thread and it is not exactly difficult to learn, it is a very affordable way to shaping your eyebrows.

• Safe

Since it is natural and does not involve using anything except a soft cotton thread, threading is an absolutely safe method. The only risk involved is slight cuts which can happen in case your hand messes up but if you practice more often, you will be able to thread like a pro.

To get started with the procedure, you first need a thread. Follow the below steps to get those nice, shaped eyebrows you always look for.

1. Tie the ends of the thread to form a circle and cut off any extra thread bits. This thread will now be run on your skin to get rid of the unwanted hair.

2. Hold the opposite ends of the knot in each hand and stretch. Now, twist one of your hands four or five times to get a shape like a neat 8.

3. Hole the two triangles of the knot in such a way that each hand controls the opening and closing of each triangle.

4. Hold the thread over one of your eyebrows and place one of the open triangles of the knot on the region you want to thread.

5. You have to pluck the hairs in the direction opposite to their growth. Place the thread accordingly.

6. Close the fingers which are near the eyebrow and open the other hand. The triangle will pluck out multiple hairs in the direction the thread moves.

7. Now that you know how to run the thread, you can learn how to shape your eyebrows with some practice.

As you can see threading is not a difficult eyebrow shaping method at all and you can learn to do it well with very little but dedicated practice.

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