Skin Analysis Information

What is skin analysis?

Any beauty regimen is incomplete and not totally effective without skin analysis. A professional skin analysis is usually performed before any skin treatment because it accurately determines what your skin is like and what it really needs. Words are thrown at us from all sides but they are very broad in sense. Someone tells you that you have dry skin but how dry is it? How can you measure the exact dryness of your skin? A professional skin analysis will give you the accurate answer to this question and several others which are taken way less seriously than they should be.

The skin structure can be linked to several conditions which your skin suffers from. If your skin is prone to infection by fungi, the structure of your skin can make the reason clear to the skin specialists who use diagnostic tools to analyze your skin.

A typical session of professional skin analysis will measure four aspects of your skin. These are:


Hydration, as the name suggests, is the quality of your skin to retain water. In more precise terms, it is the quality of the epidermis (the top most layer of your skin) to retain water.
It is a very important indicator of skin health and the several conditions that the skin is prone to.
Hydration levels of the skin determine how good its defense is against several conditions and the enzymatic action of the epidermis.


Melanin is the pigment which is present in everyone's skin and imparts color to it. The levels of this pigment in your skin can help determine a lot about its health.
People from different ethnicities are supposed to have different levels of melanin in their skin. The variation from the normal levels can help determine if there is anything wrong with their skin.
Also, the distribution of melanin over the skin should also be uniform.
A diagnostic tool will be able to accurately determine a lot of information about the melanin content of the skin.

Skin lipid levels

Skin lipid or sebum is an oily substance which is secreted by the sebacious glands in the skin.
By measuring the levels of skin lipids during skin analysis give a helpful measurement during the treatment of diseases like eczema and dermitis.


Erythema is the redness of the skin which occurs with skin infections and many other conditions.
Measurement of erythema can help skin doctors analyze the treatment and its effects along with how quickly the patient is recovering.

A professional level skin analysis is very important to determine the structure and type of skin. It is very helpful for proper skin treatment and health care which is why most professional spaces should make use of the several diagnostic tools to determine the necessary bits about the skin.

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