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What are piercings?

Piercings are punctures made in a specific part of your body. The holes are then filled with a piece of jewellery of your choice. The most popular body parts to be pierced are the ears, nose and belly buttons. Piercings are a beautiful way to adorn your body. One could go for a nice and simple ear piercing which goes with their simple and subtle personality or one could adopt a more glitzy and shiny alternative. Piercings add to your entire look and make you appear more unique. People get various parts of their body pierced as each piercing adds a different kind of appeal to one's personality.

Most common piercings

Ear piercings

This standard piercing has been in existence for very long time and is also quite common. It is simple and also a part of many traditions which makes it common for one to find people with their earlobes pierced. It can be accompanied by an upper lobe piercing.

An auricle piercing is not as common but a very elegant kind of ear piercing.
The outer rim of the ear is pierced. This piercing can be very painful since the auricle is full of nerve endings but it looks very elegant.

A tragus piercing is a stunning one and is performed on the outer portion of the ear which falls to the inner side of the face. It is also prone to many infections.

Nose piercings

The most common nose piercing is the nostril piercing. It is also a part of many traditions. It is very elegant and can be adorned with both rings and pins for a nice and simple effect.

A septum piercing is a more radical type of nose piercing. Recently, they have gained popularity and have a unique look. Piercing the septum can be a complicated and tedious task, so it is important to have it professionally done. You can adorn your septum with simple rings, captive bead rings, and circular barbells.

Other piercings

Lip piercings

A labret piercing is performed just under the lip and just above the chin. It is a very stylish piercing and adds an exotic appeal to your persona.

A Monroe piercing, as the name suggests, is inspired by the legendary Marilyn Monroe's birthmark on the left side on the top of the upper lip.

Snake bites are a very unique type of lip piercings. They are placed on both sides of the lower lip. You could go with either of these depending on your preferences and what parts you would like to get pierced. The choice is yours!

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