Mole Removal Information

Mole Removal - All you need to know

Mole is a region on your skin which is especially dark compared to the rest of the skin because of accumulated pigment in it. Some moles are bigger and darker than the others because of the amount of pigment accumulated in the area. Most of these clusters are benign and do not require you to take any action but in very rare cases, they can become cancerous. In such cases, the mole should be removed as soon as possible using surgical methods.

The most common reason why people look for mole removal procedures is cosmetic. Big, dark moles do not look appealing to most people which is why they seek to remove it. There are several ways to get rid of that mole which does not look good to you. This post will briefly discuss each method and which one you should go for.

• Remove mole naturally

It is possible to get rid of the mole naturally but the remedies remain scientifically unproved. Hence, if your mole is cancerous, you should not consider the natural method and use surgery or laser to get rid of the malignant growth. The natural way of getting rid of mole consists of using bloodroot. Take bloodroot and make a paste. This paste should now be applied on the mole and covered with bandage. Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning with hydrogen peroxide. Repeat this for around 5 days and you will notice that the base of the mole will become inflamed and the mole would fall off.

• Mole removal using laser

Laser treatment is widely used for many applications and mole removal is one of them. Moles are clusters of pigment on the skin which is why laser can work well for its removal. If your mole is flat and dark, going for a laser treatment is your best option. Consult a dermatologist and fix appointment to get rid of that dark, flat mole. It usually takes three sittings to remove the mole completely from the skin but can take less as well. Laser treatment should not be used to treat large moles which protrude from the skin.

• Mole removal using surgery

There are three types of mole removal surgery which can be used to rid your skin of that annoying mole. Usually, this method is used if your mole is large, protruding or cancerous. Shave excision is performed for moles that are large and protruding. Biopsy is used for smaller moles, and malignant, cancerous moles are removed with excisional surgery where the mole will be surgically cut off from the skin and the wound will be closed using stitches.

Mole removal is only necessary if you have a cancerous outgrowth. However, if you still want to get rid of the dark cluster of pigment on your skin, these methods will help you.

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