Micro-Needling Information

What is micro-needling?

Aging is not the best and the most aesthetic thing that happens to our skin. The lack of tightness, those wrinkles and fine lines, those blemishes are not what anyone wants. People keep looking for different ways to remove the signs of aging from their skin and micro-needling is a breakthrough. The procedure uses an equipment called derma roller which is studded with 192 micro-needles. These needles are distributed in 8 rows and each is only around 0.5 mm long and 0.1 mm in diameter. A derma roller is used only once and then discarded.

Micro-needling is also known as derma rolling and it works on your skin as a collagen inducer for the skin. The process of micro-needling is very simple and does not take long. It works by the creation of small holes on the skin without affecting the outer most layer. These micro holes are responsible for the release of growth factors which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The increased production leads to many benefits such as acne scar removal and wrinkle removal. The treatment also results in the formation of new blood vessels in your facial skin.
The non invasive skin treatment has numerous benefits and can be used to treat several problems.

Reduction in fine lines

If you want to get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles, you cannot go wrong with microneedling.
The procedure increases the production of natural collagen which leads to an automatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

No more stretch marks

Microneedling can remove stretch marks as well because these marks are somewhat like scars only caused by completely different reasons.
By inducing collagen in the affected areas, micro-needling can effectively remove stretch marks but it is usually more difficult than other scars.
Stretch mark removal may take multiple sittings.

Bid scars farewell

Scar removal is one of the primary reasons why people get micro-needling done.
All types of scars can be treated with micro-needling. However, some scars will take longer to treat than the others and the treatment depends on the severity of the scars.

Reduced size of skin pores

Large skin pores are a problem that many of us experience. A micro-needling treatment can help you reduce their size and make your skin much more even.
Because micro-needling induces collagen, it thickens the outermost layer of the skin and tightens the pores.

A reduction in acne

If you are suffering from acne then micro-needling is definitely going to help you reduce the problem.
The introduction of micro holes in the skin boost the absorption of acne treatments which improves the state of your skin.

A micro-needling treatment usually takes a few weeks before you see results but the results are definitely worth it!

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