Men's Hair Removal Information

Is men's hair removal for you?

Hair removal is not just limited to women anymore as more and more men have also shown interest in going hair free. Different men have different reasons for wanting to remove their body hair. While some men think that hair removal makes them feel cleaner, others do it because they like the attention they get from the opposite sex. Most men agree that without any hair, the muscles underneath the area look much more sculpted and defined. There are many different ways to get rid of unwanted hair, some of the main ones include:


In this method, the unwanted hair is covered with hot wax and then pulled out with a waxing strip. This is a great way to remove all types of hair.
Mens waxing is a technique which is effective for all hair types which means that the texture or color of the hair being pulled out makes no difference.
The technique also leads to eventual reduction in hair growth because certain hair follicles get destroyed during the procedure.
Full body waxing is a common mens hair removal procedure because waxing is suitable for all types of hair in all places of the body.
However, the procedure is very painful and one can only get it done again and again till he gets used to it. It also poses a risk of ingrown hairs.


By far the simplest and the least expensive hair removal method is shaving. It is very popular and is used everywhere for a quick clean.
Shaving comes with a few advantages such as it gives you instant results. It is a very quick procedure and can be performed within minutes.
Also, because shaving does not require anything else but a razor, it is a very cost effective mens hair removal method.
It does come with its disadvantages with the primary one being that the hair comes back very fast. Just like the stubble you feel after shaving your face will be all over the shaved areas of the body within a few hours.

Laser hair removal

For those who want to go all out and get rid of their body hair permanently, laser hair removal is something they just cannot go wrong with.
In laser treatments, the hair removal diode emits a single wavelength of light which target specific hair follicles.
These hair follicles are then destroyed and the result is a hairless, smooth skin for a really long time.
You might need to go for multiple sittings for laser hair removal procedure to work perfectly but the result will be a permanent relief from unwanted hair.
There is a side effect of laser mens hair removal though – it could accidentally burn your skin. This is why it is important to go to a licensed professional for the treatment.

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