Makeover Information

What is a Makeover?

It is a dream of every girl to give herself a makeover and become the beautiful goddess she admires. Everyone wants to get rid of their awkward self and make way for someone much more elegant and beautiful. However, it is not the easiest job to make yourself a different version of your current self overnight – things need work and sometimes even money. The thought of spending hours of effort and lots of money on giving oneself a makeover can be off putting for some of us. If you want to give yourself a makeover and turn into someone you only dreamed to be without wasting your precious time, effort and money, here are some top tips to help you. These tips are easy and you can follow them from the comfort of your home because as they say, small everyday changes lead to a big result.

Add a Natural Bounce to Your Hair with a Curling Iron

◦ Bored of your usual straight hair? Spike up your style with a large barreled curl iron.
◦ This quick trick takes only two minutes and is very easy.
◦ Pick out random bits of your hair and wrap them around the curl iron while you leave the ends out.
◦ The result will be tousled and very interesting looking hair – no more boring!

Smoky Eyes

◦ Smoky eye makeup tutorials look long and very tiresome. A quick hack to get the same look is the constant apply and smudge technique.
◦ For this, you need to apply a layer of eyeliner to your eyes and smudge it with your finger and reapply again.
◦ Do this till you get your favorite smoky look – it is that easy.

Eyelash Curling

◦ Who does not want that perfect eye look? To achieve perfect looking gorgeous eyes, it is necessary that you curl your eyelashes.
◦ Quickly grab your eyelash curler and curl your lashes before you step out for a dramatic look.

Blow Dry Looks

◦ You do not need to spend hours for a different hairstyle, you can achieve the results by simply parting your hair differently each time.
◦ Do a different kind of part each time you wash your hair and blow dry to retain their position.

The Bronzer Age

◦ A bronzer is your way to a sculpted appearance.
◦ Apply bronzer to the contours of your collarbones to accentuate their structure.
◦ Also use a bronzer under your cheekbones to create an illusion of much higher ones.

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