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What is Henna Hair?

Henna is a popular and very healthy alternative for those looking for a more natural approach to fighting grey hair. Henna is a dye which is extracted from the plant of the same name. It is used for colouring hair as well as for temporary tattoos. Its use is very common in the country of India where it is used for religious traditions as well.

Greying does not spare anyone and we all have to experience it at some point in time. Women and men around the world, use several methods and procedures to tackle the problem and the list of solutions also includes chemically synthesised dyes which can be very harmful for a person's health in the long run.

Henna is a great alternative for anyone who wants to colour their hair and also boost the health of their mane while doing so! Henna is not just a hair dye, it is a healthy hair dye which helps you improve your hair in numerous ways. If you are planning to use this natural and healthy dye for your hair, you should know about the following:

Henna can be very messy

Henna can be very messy and one should take care of their clothes and surroundings before using the dye. Henna dyes have a tendency to stain skin very easily (and the stains can remain for a long time) which is the reason why henna has been used extensively for skin decoration throughout history. Use gloves and wear an old t shirt while applying the dye. Be careful to not let henna touch your forehead or any other part of the face because the stains will show.

Henna is not going to lighten your hair

Light haired people can use henna but the dye is not going to give you your original hair colour back. Henna naturally makes your hair more red or brown in shade. People with dark hair will find their hair get darker and so will those with lighter hair.

Henna nourishes the hair and makes it softer, longer, and stronger

Henna is a natural hair dye which does not penetrate the inner layer of hair and lets the hair retain its moisture.
Henna also boosts the hair's natural volume and makes it shinier. It positively affects the growth of the hair and helps tackle the problem of hair fall effectively.

Henna hair dyes that are completely natural should be chosen

There are numerous hair dyes based on henna which are available in the market. One should go for only absolutely natural dyes if they want complete protection from chemicals.

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