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Hair Removal Methods

Body hair can be unsightly and something which every woman hates. Which woman likes to have hairy arms and legs? The societal requirement of having a smooth, hairless skin leads to women going for various methods for hair removal. There are many ways you can get rid of those unwanted hair strands – some are permanent and long lasting while others are temporary. This post will discuss some of the most common and popular methods of hair removal and their pros and cons.

• Shaving

◦ Shaving is a popular method which is used all around the world to get rid of unwanted hair.

◦ The advantage of shaving is that it is very easy to do and gives you instant results. All you have to do is run a razor on the part which you want to rid of hair and the job is done.

◦ Shaving is also very cheap since all you need is a razor and even the cheapest razors can be used at least 5 times.

◦ The disadvantages of shaving are many. The hair comes back very fast, that is, in a matter of hours and the hair that comes back spiky. Thus, just after a few hours of shaving, you will feel a sharp stubble.

• Hair removal creams

◦ Hair removal creams are also a fairly common way for hair removal.

◦ Earlier, hair removal creams tended to have a strong smell and caused irritation for some but with advances in technology, hair removal creams have become much more skin friendly and effective.

◦ Hair removal creams are cheap and the effects remain for a few days as opposed to just a few hours of shaving.

◦ However, some people can be allergic to the ingredients in certain hair removal creams which makes it a no in their books.

◦ Also, hair removal creams can be messy.

• Waxing

◦ Waxing is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair and is the most lasting temporary hair removal method.

◦ A layer of wax is applied to a waxing strip and the strip is then placed on the skin. Then the strip is pulled out along with all the hair under it.

◦ The result is a smooth, hairless skin. The hair does not come back for weeks and even months for some. The growth also reduces and the hair grows back soft and smooth.

• IPL, electrolysis and laser hair removal

◦ For those who are looking for more permanent methods of hair removal, there is a choice between IPL, electrolysis, and laser hair removal.

◦ IPL is only effective for pale skinned individuals with dark hair which is why laser is the most preferred way for permanent hair removal.

◦ Electrolysis is more effective than laser but is slow and usually used for facial hair.

These methods are widely used all around the world for removing body hair. Pick your choice and go for that smooth, hairless skin!

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