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What is fat removal?

You have followed all types of diets, worked out till you couldn't feel your body, and have just done right about everything you could to get rid of that unwanted fat. Despite all your efforts, the stubborn fat just wouldn't budge and stays in its place. When no other way is left to remove that fat from your body, liposuction comes to mind. This surgical method of removing unwanted fat is popular and widely used by many women and men around the world. Below you can find the pros and cons of this fat removal technique as well as several other alternatives.

Liposuction fat removal

Liposuction is a surgical method for fat removal in which a cosmetic surgeon will make a small incision on the area you want to sculpt. Afterwards, through this incision, a suction tube known as cannula will be inserted through the fat deposits underneath. When suction will be applied at the other end of cannula, the fat cells from the fat deposits will be sucked out leaving behind a more sculpted physique. This procedure can also shrink the skin in the treated area which is useful for those who are tired of having loose skin hanging out.
Liposuction is extensively used to reduce fat in thighs, legs, abdomen, buttocks, back, arms, neck, and even face. The results of liposuction are very noticeable and long lasting. It is also quite an effective way for fat removal if you have to treat really large deposits of fat.


Non invasive laser fat removal techniques are also quite effective and much safer than surgery based liposuction.
Zerona claims to produce effects very similar to liposuction without any surgery. The procedure uses cold laser to target superficial fat cells and causes the fat to leak out. This is flushed out from the system which causes reduction in the fat cells.


If you want to lose moderate amount of fat then CoolSculpting is for you. This method uses a cryolipolysis to kill unwanted fat cells. The dead cells are then flushed out of the system.

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