Facial Waxing Information

What is facial waxing?

Waxing is a very popular way to get rid of unwanted hair and is famous because it is also the longest lasting temporary hair removal method. A typical wax session will leave you hairless for a span of weeks and only ask you to come back for another wax every month or so. The reason why it is so popular all around the world is because unlike other temporary solutions to the removal of hair (for example, shaving), waxing does not result in a sharp stubble to grow back after some period of time. On the contrary, the hair grows back smooth and softer than before.

During the procedure, layer of wax is applied to a waxing strip (these strips are easily available in the market) and then this strip is placed on the part which you want to rid of hair. The placed strip is then pulled in the direction opposite to the one in which the hair grows. As you pull the strip away from the skin, all the hair under it also go away. The result is a smooth, hairless skin which will stay that way for a few weeks at least.

Pros of facial waxing

Facial waxing is a great alternative for men who don't want to maintain their facial hair. This is because unlike shaving, facial waxing will not leave any stubble in its wake and will let the hair grow back naturally. Waxing removes the entire hair shaft which leads to a much more lasting result on your skin. Facial waxing also reduces the chances of developing in grown hairs on the skin of your face.
Women will also find a lot of perks in facial waxing as it effectively pulls out all hair in just one go. Women can get perfect upper lips and bid farewell to plucking for two weeks or even more. Facial waxing is also a great help for those women who have a lot of facial hair and want to reduce their appearance as well as regrowth.

Cons of facial waxing

Like any other procedure, facial waxing comes with its own set of cons because of how delicate the facial skin is. For one, facial waxing can cause redness and allergic breakouts in some skin types. It can also lead to blood patches which can be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing. Those who have sensitive skin types are especially prone to this because the pulling action can be slightly damaging.
If facial waxing is not performed properly, one can face problems like skin burns and irritations.

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