Eyelash Lifting Information

What is Eyelash Tinting?

Darker eyelashes cast a beautiful, mysterious look and are highly desirable but using mascara every day to attain that look can be quite tiresome. To rid you of the stress of putting your mascara on every morning here is a technique which has proved to be quite useful – eyelash tinting.

Why Do People Tint Their Eyelashes?

If you have blond or red hair, you must really stand out in a crowd where the majority is composed of dark-haired individuals. Light hair has a unique appeal to it but naturally fair-haired individuals also face an issue which can be quite bothersome at times – fair eyelashes. Naturally blond women often complain about how their eyelashes are practically invisible and mascara is a necessity.

How is Eyelash Tinting Done?

Eyelash tinting is a procedure in which a tint is applied to the lashes using a fine brush. It is then allowed to set for a few minutes and then cleaned. The simple process results in beautiful, dark, and noticeable eyelashes which last for a few weeks. Sounds convenient, right?