Eyelash Extensions Information

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a way to artificially enhance the eyelashes of a person who typically does not have as thick and long eyelashes as they would like for themselves. Many people use eyelash extensions to enhance their natural eyelashes.

Why Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelashes have been a way to measure the female beauty since as long as humans have existed. Large eyes with full, long eyelashes have always been desirable and admired. Eyelash extensions are a way to get those desirable and thick eyelashes.

Material Used

These extensions can be made of numerous materials, the most common of which are mink, silk and synthetic hair. Each type of material has its own set of advantages:

Mink – mink is a light material and eyelashes made of mink are comfortable to wear. These also provide a very natural look to the wearer and from a distance may not appear as artificial at all. Despite being very effective, mink is an expensive material and mink eyelash extensions can be a costly affair.

Silk – silk eyelash extensions are soft and very flexible. They are a great choice for short term usage. These silk eyelash extensions are much cheaper than mink eyelashes but at the same time, they are much heavier as well.

Synthetic – these eyelash extensions are cheap and very commonly used. In strong contrast to silk and mink, they are much harder and heavier and are only suitable for short term usage and cannot be worn on a regular basis.


Temporary eyelash extensions or false lashes – the false lashes are a temporary way to enhance the eyelashes and are designed to be worn for a short period of time. These lashes last for only a day or two at most and the wearer is not supposed to sleep with them on. These false lashes are also known as strip lashes.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions – semi permanent eyelash extensions are bonded to the real eyelashes by the use of a strong adhesive. To each natural eyelash, an extension is applied. These eyelashes stay attached until the natural eyelashes fall off naturally and the new ones (which are their shorter, natural size) replace them.

Permanent eyelash extensions – permanent eyelash extensions are eyelash transplant and in the procedure, real eyelashes are taken and transplanted into the eyelid which encourages and stimulates additional eyelash growth. It is the permanent way to enhance your appearance. This procedure, however, is quite expensive and does not come cheap.

Now that you know about eyelash extensions, you can try some stunning experiments with any pair of eyelashes you choose. Just get them and wear them to strike the perfect look and get thicker, longer eyelashes instantly.

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