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The importance of the shape of the eyebrow in determining facial aesthetics is usually underestimated. Women invest a lot in eye makeup but do not shape their eyebrows appropriately which is why they are not able to attain that perfect look. Sometimes, they overdo things and their eyebrows start to look too made up and highly unnatural. This is why one should have proper knowledge and skill of shaping their eyebrows.

The shape of eyebrows which you decide for your face depends heavily on the skeletal structure of your face and its overall shape. An oval shaped face will benefit from a different kind of eyebrow shape while a round face will be flattered better by a different eyebrow type. This post will teach you how to choose the right eyebrow shape according to your face type so you can get that perfect look.

Find your perfect eyebrow shape

To determine your face shape, you need to go look in the mirror. There are basically four face types – long, round, square, and heart. Let us discuss how each face shape looks like and what is the best eyebrow shape for that particular face.

• Long face

◦ A long face is categorized by the fact that it is much longer than it is wide. A long face also has a rounded chin and the entire face tapers to it. The jawline, forehead, and the cheekbones are almost equally wide for someone who has a long face.
◦ A long faced person wants eyebrows that will widen the face a bit and decrease its length. For this reason, flat eyebrows are ideal for a long face. You can use an eyebrow pencil for flat eyebrows or even use eyebrow tinting for a thick, flat, and natural looking arch.

• Round face

◦ A round face is categorized by the equality between its width and length. It is just as wide as it is long. The widest part of the face is cheeks for a round face and many would say that a round faced person has chubby cheeks.
◦ The eyebrow for a round face should be shaped to make the face appear longer and reduce its roundness. For this, a high arched eyebrow is great for the face shape as it creates more vertical lines.

• Square face

◦ A square face is categorized a squared jawline which is the most obvious feature of the entire face. The forehead, cheekbones and jawline are about the same width.
◦ A strong eyebrow will complement the strong jawline and also draw attention away from its sharpness.

• Heart face

◦ A heart shape has a forehead which is wider than the rest of the face. The cheekbones are more prominent and the chin is pointed and very small.
◦ The goal for a heart shaped face is to soften it which can be achieved by low arch eyebrows.

Determine your face shape and style your eyebrows accordingly for the best look.

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