Cosmetic Tattoos Information

What is Permanent Makeup?

Getting permanent makeup done to you is very similar to getting a permanent tattoo – the features which you want for yourself are etched into the desired areas using a needle. For instance, if you get a permanent makeup tattoo for your lips, you can get rid of any scars on your lips and also the need of applying lip color for several years.

Why Get Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is something women only dreamed of till now. It is a reality today that you can have makeup on your face at all times and it will neither fade away nor get crusted or get smudgy over time. You can have permanently beautifully colored lips or a perfect, dark eyeliner around your eyes at all times. Permanent makeup is the way to look perfect at all times and never having to do certain types makeup again. Also known as partial tattooing, the procedure allows you to have certain physical features which you didn't have naturally.

Cover Your Flaws

◦ So, you have scars on your face because of severe acne breakouts in the past? Or you have stretch marks from giving birth recently? Or you just got a double mastectomy done and the reconstruction surgery has left your nipples looking weird?
◦ You can cover up the flaws of your body easily with the help of permanent makeup and the best part is that no one will ever get to know about it.
◦ Sometimes we want to hide our flaws and the only way to do so is using makeup. With permanent makeup, you will be able to set aside your daily struggle and efforts and live life normally.

Get The Features of Your Dreams

◦ Many people want rosy, pouty lips and dark eyes but unfortunately, only few are naturally blessed with all the physical features they want.
◦ With permanent makeup, you could dye your lips permanently and give them a natural looking tint permanently.
◦ You can also get rid of the signs of aging and get your youthful appearance back without indulging in any kind of surgery or harmful treatments like Botox.

No Need to Apply Makeup Everyday!

◦ Not all women like to wear makeup even though they like how it makes them look.
◦ With permanent makeup, you can save loads of your time and not spend anything on makeup because you will have the effect of makeup constantly.

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