Cosmetic Injections Information

What are cosmetic injections?

Aging cannot be prevented as it is a natural process but you can definitely delay the occurrence of signs of aging on your skin through cosmetic injections. The good thing about these injections is that when you get your skin treated in time, you will see a visible reduction in the appearance of these lines without having to resort to surgery. Face-lift surgeries are the only option left when it gets too late for cosmetic injections. Fortunately, these cosmetic injections almost always result in a distinct reduction in wrinkles and fine lines for most.


The Botox which is injected into your face is made from a toxin called Botulinum toxin A which is produced by the bacteria Clostrodium botulinum. Botox paralyzes the muscles underneath the area where the chemical is injected and blocks those nerves. This disables any kind of movement in the muscles which may feel stiff for some time. However, once the muscles relax, the wrinkles and lines get smoothened out and you have a much younger look. The effects of Botox are not permanent but can last for a couple of months.

Filler injections

Filler injections or dermal fillers are injectable fillers which are used to fill in the wrinkles and other crevices in the skin to create a smoother appearance. There are basically two types of filler injections based on the substance which is used for the procedure – natural and synthetic. Natural fillers are derived from natural products with the main component being hyaluronic acid. These fillers have fewer risks associated with them but they do not remain in the skin for as long as synthetic fillers. This is because the skin absorbs these fillers and you will have to get it redone every six months of so. Synthetic fillers, on the other hand, are longer lasting than natural fillers and do not need to be refilled for a long time.

Collagen injections

Collagen injections are used to inject collagen in different parts of your skin to increase the amount of the protein in the treated areas. More collagen means the skin tissues are more tightly bound together. Collagen injections are also used to make the lips look fuller and thicker. However, since collagen is a natural product, it is absorbed by the body after some time.

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