Brazilian Wax Information

What is Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax or bikini wax has become a very common procedure in which all the pubic hair is pulled out using wax. The practice has become increasingly popular and many women (as well as men) have started to go for the procedure to embrace smooth, hairless pubic regions.

If you are planning to go for a Brazilian wax, here are some things you should know and remember:

It is initially going to be painful – If you are going to have your pubic area waxed, it is obvious to expect some pain. The genital area is very sensitive and so is the skin around it. The first time you wax your pubes will be especially painful mainly because the pores of your skin are very small and the bulb of the hair follicle being pulled out is much larger. After continuous sessions, however, the pain reduces because the bulb becomes smaller.

Do not shave for three months before the wax – your hair should be long enough to be pulled out by the waxing strip. A quarter of an inch is the optimal length before wax can be used to pull it out.

Consult your doctor if you are on prescription drugs – Certain prescription drugs can make your skin more sensitive and fragile which will cause your Brazilian waxing session become extremely painful. Consult your doctor to confirm that the drugs will not affect your skin in any way.

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