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What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine is a form of medicine which is used preemptively for the prevention of certain diseases. It is a great way to stop the occurrence of a disease altogether and not even give it a chance to develop in the body. Preventive medicine can be used to prevent many fatal diseases which do not have any cure. These diseases could otherwise cripple the whole body and even the best doctors will be left helpless when they cannot find a way to get around the problem. This type of medicine is practiced by doctors to prevent diseases and promote the health and well being of an individual. When someone is seemingly immune to illness, they can focus on the more important things in their life without being distracted by ill health. A healthy body also lives longer and is the basis of any healthy and long life.

Preventive medicine has three specialized areas in which doctors continue to work to improve its efficacy.

Aerospace medicine

This area of preventive medicine focuses on clinical care and research for those who travel in space or air vehicles.
This field specifically looks for ways to prevent conditions that can potentially affect a person who is in an isolated physical condition and extreme surroundings.
These conditions can cause some great psychological distress in individuals which is why preventive medical care is necessary for them.

Occupational medicine

Occupational medicine is an area of preventive medicine which focuses on the health of those who are working in certain institutions.
Workplace health is a very important aspect of any successful company and by preventing certain diseases and illnesses, one can improve the work output of their employees.

Public health and general preventive care

Those who work in this area of preventive medicine work for the public.
The general population is the target of the research carried out under this domain and medicines are developed to prevent diseases in the general public.
This is a wide area of research and works under variety of settings.

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