Posture Correction Information

What is Posture?

It is very important to maintain a good posture and guess what? It is also very easy to do so! Your posture, in a way, determines how healthy your mind and body are. This is because bad posture can lead to some common problems such as pain in your neck, back ache, headaches, and even fatigue. It is, thus, necessary to practice a good posture to maintain your health. A good posture is not just important for your physical and mental health, it is also important for your social life and how others perceive you. A tall and straight posture effectively boosts your self-confidence and others see you as a confident person. A person that slouches is not perceived as someone who is confident. This post will help you understand what good posture is and how you can improve yours.

What is the Correct Posture?

◦ The right posture is not when you are too stiff or too relaxed – it is somewhere in the middle of the two.
◦ A good posture is when your back is straight, your shoulders are pulled out, and your chest is pushed out. Your head should remain up and your eyes should look straight ahead.
◦ This is the type of posture you need to practice and attain for your body.

Further Information