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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a system of medicine which is based on the natural healing system of the nature. Nature is powerful and without involving the use of chemicals and other external agents, one can heal themselves totally by simply following nature's call. Naturopathologists look for ways to find the root cause of any ailment and use a myriad of techniques to treat them. These techniques are behaviour change, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition. Naturopathy is not just focused on curing the symptoms at hand but is more about preventing diseases. It is also about spreading knowledge about how one gets sick and how one can use the natural approach to the healing these illnesses.

Naturopathy works on the basis of the human body's natural ability to heal. In times where there was no advanced medical research to support the general lifestyle, the body healed on its own when it got sick. There was no chemically synthesized drug to fight the symptoms, no ointment to suppress any growth. The only thing you had was nature and that's how you healed. The modern medicine has made us weak and dependent on artificial drugs for our survival. Naturopathy frees up our body so it can heal using its in built healing system.

There are many benefits to going the naturopathy way which are the reason why it has become such a popular form of therapy. These include:

• Naturopathy is about finding and treating the root cause

◦ Unlike mainstream medicine which employs the use of chemically synthesized medicines to cure and relieve you of the symptoms, naturopathy involves finding the root cause of the problem.
◦ The treatment then addresses the reason why certain symptoms are being observed through natural means and assists in the natural healing process of that cause.

• Naturopathy is absolutely natural

◦ As the name already suggests, naturopathy is an absolutely natural way of healing any ailment.
◦ You will not ingest or inject anything unnatural and unsafe in your body and any treatment used will only assist the natural healing process.

• Naturopathy is about prevention and education

◦ Naturopathy treatments do cure the problem at hand but not by directly addressing the symptoms. The cure lies in facilitating the natural course of the body.
◦ This means that the process also focuses on the body's preventive capabilities.
◦ Naturopathy educates the individual on how he or she can prevent the problem in future.

• Naturopathy is safe

◦ Since no synthetic chemicals are used for any treatment and only nature is the governing force for the therapies, naturopathy is a very safe way of finding a cure for numerous diseases.

The most common ailments for which naturopathy is widely used include allergies, joint pain, depression, skin disorders, bowel disorders, weight management, and sleeping disorders. There is a range of many other diseases as well which can be successfully treated with naturopathy.

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