Hydrotherapy Information

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy, as the name suggests, is therapy by water. Hence, when water is used to treat any ailment or disease, it can be called hydrotherapy. Water has been used to treat various ailments for as long as one can remember. For ancient Greeks, hydrotherapy formed a staple part of the traditional medicine system.

All you need to know about hydrotherapy

Do not confuse hydrotherapy with drinking lots of water because it is not about the consumption of water. Hydrotherapy is based on the utilisation of thermal and mechanical benefits of the water. Its essence is based on how certain temperatures or pressure exerted by water on the body could lead to the stimulation of various systems of the body. This can lead to an improvement in your immune system or even build the circulation system of the body.

There are various techniques that come under hydrotherapy such as showers, baths, body wraps etc. The different types of hydrotherapy techniques are as follows:

Hydro Massage

Hydro massage is a relaxing massage therapy which does not make use of hands but warm water. You immerse your body in warm water which applies thermal, chemical, and mechanical massage to your body. This technique enhances blood circulation and relieves your body of pain and tension. It is great for treating someone who has endured muscular injuries due to sports. The therapy is also used to treat sclerosis, lupus, insomnia, and to even relieve and manage stress.

Kneipp System

Kneipp system is an effective therapy for improving the immune system. The technique involves the use of of hot and cold bath in a Kneipp bath. Treatments which are used in the Kneipp bath include dew walking, snow treading, and water walking. It is very helpful for relieving muscle tension and improving immune system responses.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a treatment in which warm water is fused into the rectum. The treatment aims at clearing up the colon and removing and washing out the waste that has built up in the body. It is an effective way of clearing the digestive tract and improves your overall health. Colon hydrotherapy does not use any other chemicals except warm water which makes it a natural and safe way of cleaning up the digestive system.

Water birth is another application of hydrotherapy which has now become greatly popular. Water birth refers to the process in which the mother gives birth to her baby in a tub of water. This method reduces the labor pain by a great degree and is comparatively a much more relaxing method for giving birth. Water which is used to assist the delivery process helps the mother to adjust herself easily and give birth in a more comfortable position. It is also helpful in allowing the baby to move much more easily through the birth canal and make his or her way to the real world.

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