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What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of alternate medicines and treatments which produce effects similar to those produced by the disease being treated. The basis of homeopathy's philosophy is that “like cures like” and by diluting the isolated condition with water, the body can gradually and naturally use it's own immunity to defend itself against it.

Homeopathy vs. Allopathy

Allopathy, on the contrary, is the mainstream medicine which works on diseases by introducing effects that are different from what the disease produces. One can easily notice how radically different the idea is from that of homeopathy. The majority of physicians practice allopathy and dismiss homeopathy which has lead to a series of countless debates between the practitioners and supporters of the two different philosophies. Scientific studies have suggested that homeopathy medicines are no better than placebo effect and should not be considered a scientifically proven and valid treatment. Australian National Health and Medical Research Council has assessed homeopathy and concluded that it is ineffective and should not be funded by the government for further research. They have issued the conclusion that people who choose homeopathy over allopathy are risking their health since the former does not have enough credible proof. If chronic diseases are treated through homeopathy instead of allopathy that has more evidence supporting it, they make themselves vulnerable to many disorders.

Does it work?

Some patients who have used homeopathic treatments have stated on many occasions that the treatment has helped them a lot. Many people have found the cure to chronic conditions like eczema through homeopathy which they had earlier accepted as incurable. Homeopathy enthusiasts and practitioners state that there are many benefits to using homeopathic treatments. For instance, the medicines can be used by children and infants as well. Also, using homeopathic medicines does not interfere with other medications the person might be taking. Homeopathic remedies are also quite safe and if, by error, the doctor prescribes the wrong medicine, it will not harm the body in any way. Allopathy does not give this guarantee since the mainstream medication can have certain dangerous side effects.

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