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Who does not want to become a parent at some point in their life? It is a beautiful feeling to have a little one you can nurture and shower your love on. Your children are those little gifts from heaven who shower you with unconditional love and put their faith in you. If, however, you have been facing problems with conceiving for some time, it is possible that you have fertility issues.

Types and Benefits

One can have issues conceiving if they had a miscarriage or abortion in the past. Problems can also occur if a woman is older than 35 years. Couples also have trouble conceiving if a man has a low sperm count in which case a different kind of approach needs to be taken.

If it is the woman who has trouble conceiving, the following treatments can be followed:

• Medicines that help ovulation

◦ These medicines include metformin and clomiphene.

◦ By stimulating the ovaries, these medicines help release more eggs which increases the chances of the eggs getting fertilised.

• Surgery for blocked fallopian tubes

◦ It is possible that the fallopian tubes of the woman are blocked or damaged which is why the sperm is unable to reach the egg.

◦ In such cases, the treatment usually includes tube surgery.

• Hormone injections

◦ Hormone injections can help increase the chances of fertility when one cannot assess the correct reason as to why there are issues during conception.

In most cases, the above treatments wouldn't work and couples choose to resort to assisted reproductive technology. This can be of two types:

• In vitro fertilisation (IVF)

◦ In vitro fertilisation or IVF is the most common method for artificially reproducing.

◦ In this method, the sperms and egg are combined in a laboratory under certain ideal conditions. This leads to increased chances of fertilisation.

◦ The fertilised egg is then placed in the uterus of the woman which then grows like a normally conceived baby.

◦ The babies which are conceived through IVF are also known as test tube babies.

• Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

◦ This is a method which is used to enhance the effectiveness of IVF.

◦ This method is primarily used when there is sperm deficiency or the sperm being used in reproduction is of poor quality.

◦ Only one egg is taken from the female and into that egg, one sperm is injected by the doctor. This leads to its fertilization and the fertilized egg or embryo is then put in the woman's uterus.

◦ The sperm is extracted from the man's semen which is either produced through masturbation or can be taken through an incision on his testicles.

◦ The baby then grows in the womb like a normal baby.

If the male partner has a low sperm count, then you can conceive only through assisted reproductive technology.

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