Ear Candling Information

What is Ear Candling?

Ear candling is an ancient alternate medicine and therapeutic system which makes use of a special kind of a hollow candle which is inserted into the ear. The end of the candle which is on the outside, is then ignited and the process is said to remove wax from the ear as a way of cleaning it. The lit side of the candle, supposedly, creates a vacuum which pulls the ear wax along with other contaminants from the ear. The practice is also said to improve the persons in a spirituality and make them more enlightened.

What are the proposed benefits of Ear Candling?

Ear candling practitioners claim that ear candling can help with several conditions like sinus headaches and different kinds of allergies. Of course the main purpose of the procedure is to remove ear wax from the ear. The darkened insides of the hollow candle resemble ear wax but some researches have claimed that it is just the residue from the candle itself.

Ear Candling controversy

There is a level of controversy surrounding ear candling. There have been many researchers who have disputed the efficacy of the treatment. Some claim that the procedure is dangerous and can compromise the ear by exposing it to candle wax, others claim. The concept of ear candling at its core is that the heated spherical candle creates a vacuum which extracts the wax, however some claim that this isn't actually possible and therefore ear candling isn't an effective treatment.

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