Chinese Medicine Information

Why Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine is one of the oldest continuous systems of medicine which has been in existence for multiple centuries. Despite being so ancient, traditional Chinese medicine still remains in practice and there is just one explanation for that – it works. Why would people practice something that is not useful in any way? Chinese medicine can be just as effective as modern medicine and even more because of its age old evidence.

One question that almost everyone has about non allopathic, alternate medical treatments is whether they are scientifically proven. Chinese medicine has been found to be beneficial by scientific proceedings that have looked into its authenticity and effectiveness. In fact, two main components of Chinese medicine – acupuncture and herbal medicine – are recognised as viable treatments.

The Benefits of Chinese Medicine

So, what are the main benefits of Chinese medicine?

• Absolutely natural – Chinese medicine utilizes natural herbs and acupuncture for treating most ailments. No chemicals are used for treating any condition of the body and the medicines which are used facilitate the natural healing process of the body.

• Little to no side effects - the one benefit of this ancient system of medicine is that it is absolutely natural and therefore, you will experience no undue side effects which are common for chemically synthesised medicines.

• Very relaxing – acupuncture has been found to have stress relief benefits and people who underwent the procedure reported lesser feelings of depression and other negative emotions. Through the use of tiny needles, Chinese medicine therapists are able to stimulate the production of different hormones which leads to complete relaxation.

• Treats more than just the symptoms – while allopathic medicinal treatments usually look at symptoms and find a cure for it, Chinese medicine goes a step deeper from the very beginning. The very essence of Chinese medicine is that it looks for the underlying cause of any condition and the cure is not just to treat the symptoms but for the reason of your distress.

• A more spiritual take on health and wellness – it is not wrong to say that Chinese medicine is more spiritual in its approach. The concept of yin and yang, and qi is not something you would find in mainstream medicine.

• Treatments for a wide range of illnesses are available – there are many illnesses and ailments which can be treated through Chinese medicine and these treatments can be really effective.

• Potent – Chinese medicine does not offer impotent solutions but solutions that are strong enough to cause a change. The root of the evil will be destroyed through a potent and herbal mix.

Is it advisable to go for traditional Chinese medicine treatments? In most cases, yes it is but for your safety and precaution, you should first consult a doctor and ask for her or his suggestion on the matter before you proceed into the relaxing world of acupuncture and herbal therapies.

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