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What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient art of healing which is known for its miraculous benefits. Through the stimulation of the key healing points of the body, acupressure facilitates the body to heal itself. It is a natural therapy which does not involve you to ingest or inject any external form of medicine. Healing is a natural process and acupressure simply encourages your body to fasten up.

Universal Energy

The traditional Chinese therapy is based on the concept of qi – a universal energy which flows through all of us and how its balance is necessary for the optimal health. The flow of the energy affects everything – from your physical stability to your mental health, everything depends on the balance and continual flow of qi through your body. Acupressure removes the blockages in the qi flow and restores its balance to make your body ideally healthy. The different techniques ease up your body and help you get rid of any kind of discomfort.

Relief From Pain

◦ Acupressure treatments focus on stimulating the points in the body which have blockages.
◦ By restoring the natural flow of qi in the body, the therapist is able to give you relief from several pains and ailments.
◦ Acupressure also releases the muscle tension.

Improvement in Emotional Stability

◦ Acupressure techniques enforce the importance of the balance of qi and by restoring the flow of vital energy in the body, the therapist is able to make your emotions much more stable.
◦ Your emotional stability is also related with the stability of the flow of energy in your body and by removing the blockages where negative emotions are stuck, acupressure makes you feel much more in control of the emotional aspect of yourself.

Mental peace

◦ A great benefit of getting acupressure treatment is mental peace and stability.
◦ Your mind will feel a lot more conscious about your body and it will be in control of your emotions as well.

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