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What is PathWave Band Training?

A foundational idea of Pilates, as formulated by its creator Joseph Pilates, is that everyone should have the ability to comfortably and naturally move their bodies, freely and without pain. Pilates aims to enable such movement through a lateral approach, avoiding repeated pointless activation of the constrained motion. This is achieved through activating a variety of smaller auxiliary muscles located closer to the bones, often referred to as the "core".

PathWave Band Training builds upon these ideas and maintains its goal as the restoration of painless natural movement. However, it accomplishes this with a greater emphasis on the body's rest periods, breath and the way in which all these elements combine dynamically.

Rather than a string adherence to specific movements, postures and technique, PathWave instead takes a more freeform approach, tailoring to the specific needs and bodies of individuals

The PathWave Difference

Although PathWave Band Training makes use of the familiar tools and settings employed by Reformer Pilates, the way in which it does so makes its approach unique.

With Pathwave, the body's natural response rather than the funtion of the machine, dictates the exercise. Stiff, repetitive movement is avoided due to its tendency to stress the joints and cause injury. Instead, the focus is spontaneous movement with the bands providing instant, feedback on each subtle movement.

Subtlety is the key and is achieved specifically through band training. Each movement is simultaneously resisted and assisted in different ways by the bands, leading to a greater understanding of the body's more oblique movements and an activation of lesser used, but still important muscle groups.

The Importance of Relaxation

Unlike many other forms of exercise and physical rehabilitation, PathWave treats motion and rest as two sides of the same coin. Even when a body is at rest, the ambient levels of superficial tension can have profound negative effects on bones and muscles over time.

Through helping you find your "optimal position" the point at which where your tension is at its minimum, PathWave teaches you to use a broader range of muscles more naturally.

Who Can Benefit From Pathwave?

PathWave Band Training offers a nuanced approach wherein the level of intensity is dictated by the individual's needs, capabilities and experience. Therefore, it is suitable for people of all ages, body types and experience levels.

It is an exercise that is suitable for people who are looking to restore and rehabilitate as well as those looking to increase their baseline fitness and flexibility.

With its gentle and nuanced approach, PathWave can offer results for the elderly as well as those suffering from chronic pain or injury. The sessions can be tailored to focus on a particular part of the body or provide a balanced, all-round workout.

PathWave is also ideal for people who practice a sport which demands intense and complex full-body engagement such as dancers, footballers or martial artists. Through learning to enhance the body's natural movement there will be a significant increase in physical performance.

Finally, PathWave Band Training is ideal for those who are looking for tension and stress relief. With its focus on breath, relaxation and passive tension, real and lasting relief is achievable.

Optimise your movements and try PathWave Band training at Back in Health Pilates today.