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What is Shiseido Hair Straightening?

Shiseido hair straightening is a Japanese hair straightening procedure which is not based on active ingredients like hydroxide and lye but thio based Liscio. Liscio is much gentler and does the job of straightening the hair without harming it any way. Your hair remains smooth, straight, and healthy after the shiseido hair straightening treatment. Here are some things that you should know about the treatment process and why it is one of the most effective hair straightening treatments around.

Why Straighten Your Hair?

Who does not want to have straight, beautiful, and soft hair? Who does not want to eliminate frizz from their hair completely? There are many straightening treatments available out there but none of them are natural. All of the available treatments make use of chemicals and excessive heat which damage the hair despite making it straighter and smoother. If you are worried that the typical hair straightening treatments will hurt your hair shaft and make it rougher, you need to try shiseido hair straightening.

Step One

The treatment first involves the assessment of your hair. Everyone is blessed with a different hair type. If you already have somewhat straight hair, it will be easier to use shiseido hair straightening to make it straight and will take less time as well. For hair which is extremely curly and full of frizz, it will take much longer duration and some extra work as well.

Step Two

The hair will now be washed with a shiseido product which is the most suitable for your assessed hair type. It is important to clean the hair so the dirt and oils do not interfere with the treatment.

Step Three

After your hair has been washed, protein will be applied to your hair strands to make your hair respond best to the products which will be applied later in the procedure.

Step Four

Now, the hair care professional will break the bonds of your hair which are responsible for its wavy texture by applying a special shiseido solution. The solution will effectively fix your damaged hair and make the straight and smooth. The product will be rinsed off your hair after some time depending on your hair type.

Step Five

Now, a special Japanese hair straightening device will be used to straighten your hair lightly. This step is optional and may not be performed for certain hair types which are easier to straighten without the interference of heat but the straightener will not damage your hair in any way.

Final Step

A second solution will be applied to the hair now to treat the damaged hair for final results. The product is nicely rinsed off and the result will be smooth, straight, and beautiful hair.