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What are Dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are matted ropes of hair which are reminiscent of Jamaican culture. Dreadlocks often bring an image of Bob Marley to head and is conventionally associated with relaxed attitude. There are many cultures where dreadlocks are a part of the traditions and are celebrated. However, with time, dreadlocks have now escaped the bound of religious and regional traditions and have seeped into modern trends. Many people are look to get dreadlocks because of their unique appearance and style quotient.

How do you get dreadlocks?

Yes, it is more difficult for finer and straighter hair to be bound into dreadlocks but with proper procedures and treatment, locks of straight hair can also be put into dreadlocks. There is more than one way to get dreadlocks:

- Neglect is a very simple method of getting dreadlocks. In this method, you stop combing your hair and let it be the way it is. The only thing you do in this method is keep your hair clean. However, it will take a long tom for neglect to achieve dreadlocks (approximately three years) so it is better to go for other methods.
- Twisting is a process of giving your hair natural dreadlocks and dread wax is used to hold the dreadlocks.
- Dread perming is an expensive and instant method of getting dreadlocks. It is a chemical process which gives instant and great results.
- You can also get synthetic dreadlocks, it is not necessary that you put your natural hair into dreadlocks. Synthetic dreadlocks can be added to your hair like hair extensions.

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