Hair Growth Information

What is Hair Growth?

Long and thick hair are a sign of health and beauty. In cultures all around the world, women with thick, voluptuous waves have been considered as an epitome of beauty. However, not everyone is blessed with a voluminous mane. Some naturally have really thin hair while others, due to aging and other destructive lifestyle factors, start suffering from hair thinning. Hormonal imbalance is another reason why many suffer from hair loss. If you want to have dense locks decorate your face again, here are some home remedies which will help you. The methods described in this post are completely natural and will help you nourish your hair and make them grow longer and stronger.

Hot Oil Treatment

- Hot oil treatment is a treatment in which you massage your scalp with heated oil.
- To perform a perfect hot oil treatment, heat some olive oil or coconut oil and massage your scalp deeply with it.
- Massage in deep circular motions to improve blood circulation.
- Repeat the treatment twice a week to boost hair growth.

Coconut Milk

- Coconut milk is a great way to enhance the texture and growth of your hair because it is rich in vitamins B, C, and E. Coconut milk is also an excellent source of calcium, iron, and phosphorus.
- It nourishes the hair and promotes new hair to grow.
- To see the best effects, massage your scalp with lukewarm coconut milk and leave it on for half hour before washing it off.
- Repeat the procedure once every week and you will notice your hair become nourished and beautiful.

Egg Mask

- Eggs are an excellent source of protein which makes them excellent for hair growth as well.
- Since hair is made of a protein called keratin, eggs facilitate their growth.
- Mix two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil and apply it on your scalp. Leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off.
- Repeat every week to get the best results.

Vitamin E Capsules

- Vitamin E is great for skin and hair.
- Vitamin E capsules can be consumed orally or you can use the liquid inside it to enhance the quality of your oil.
- Take two capsules everyday.
- You can also mix the contents of ten capsules with olive oil and apply the oil on your scalp to boost hair growth.

Vitamin E Oil

- Vitamin E oil is an oil rich in Vitamin E.
- Regular application of Vitamin E oil on your scalp increases blood circulation, opens up blood vessels for increased flow of blood, and improves the growth of hair.

Biotin Rich Food

- Your diet is just as necessary to promote hair growth which is why you should incorporate biotin rich foods in your daily diet.
- These include almonds, peanuts, and salmon.

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