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The Many Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a special kind of therapy which is used to remedy physical impairments and disabilities, improve mobility, and maintain functionality of the body. It is used to aid people with injuries or disorders get their bodily functions back in line. The list of conditions which can be treated with physiotherapy is extensive. The treatments are not just designed for very serious injuries and conditions but can also be used to alleviate pain, prevent serious conditions from creeping into your body etc. Many people use physiotherapy as a rehabilitation method.

What is Physiotherapy?

The basis of physiotherapy exercises lies on the fact that injured muscles need more support by the surrounding muscles to heal better. If one does not exercise certain muscles, they can get weak over time which will result in the injured tissues taking longer to heal. By performing physical therapy exercises, you ensure that your muscles are strong enough to support the healing tissue. Typical physiotherapy exercises should not be painful because this can be counterproductive. Certain exercises could make you uncomfortable but if your physiotherapist is licensed and knows when discomfort turns into pain, he or she can stop the exercise before it backfires and causes more injuries.

Physiotherapy is divided into two types:


Physical therapy exercises involve physical workout sessions which have been specially designed to help the patient recover from his or her injuries. These exercises are meant to strengthen the muscles and aid in the healing process of the body. The exercise part does not necessarily only include injury-specific exercises but can also involve more regular kind of activities. Stretching, walking, lifting weights, water aerobics are just some of the exercises which become a part of a typical physical therapy session.

Manual Therapy

Any physical therapy treatment also includes manual therapy. Manual therapy is a hands on treatment where the trainer uses his or her hands to alleviate pain, cause relaxation, and increase flexibility. The trainer can give you special massages where pressure is applied on the soft tissues of the body to enhance blood circulation and reduce pain. Application of pressure on joints to improve mobility is also a common manual therapy treatment. This physiological treatment is beneficial in improving the mobility of joints.

People use physiotherapy exercises to treat a variety of ailments and many people have successfully recovered from serious conditions with the help of intense physiotherapy treatments. Some of the common ailments which are treated with physical therapy are respiratory conditions like bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia, pediatric issues like stunted growth in children, and many more.
Many people resort to physiotherapy to make sure their old age is smooth and independent by following actively ageing treatments. These include balance exercises and strengthening moves to prevent falls later in life.

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